geocat.comp.skewt_params.get_skewt_vars(p, tc, tdc, pro)

This function processes the dataset values and returns a string element which can be used as a subtitle to replicate the styles of NCL Skew-T Diagrams.


joined – A string element with the format “Plcl=<value> Tlcl[C]=<value> Shox=<value> Pwat[cm]=<value> Cape[J]=<value>” where:

  • Cape - Convective Available Potential Energy [J]

  • Pwat - Precipitable Water [cm]

  • Shox - Showalter Index (stability)

  • Plcl - Pressure of the lifting condensation level [hPa]

  • Tlcl - Temperature at the lifting condensation level [C]

Return type


See also

Related NCL Functions: skewT_PlotData, skewt_BackGround